Seed analysis


SEED Analysis

It is possible to get a high yield of crops only with the use of high-quality seeds and strict compliance with the technology of their cultivation.
This is an axiom of effective agribusiness.

Why do you need it?
- calculation of seed rate;
- prevention of counterfeit when purchasing;
- checks on new suppliers;
- checking storage and shipping quality;

As a result you get:
- the ability to calculate the weight and quantitative seeding rate;
- compliance with the declared certificate;
- confidence in the quality of seeds;
- opportunity to plan a system of seed and plant protection.



    • Diagnosis of seeds for infestation (pathogen, level of infestation)
        Duration up to 14 days
          400 UAH  

            • Diagnosis of seeds of cereals on the infestation of smut

                Lead time up to 3 days
            200 UAH

Seed material similarity

    • Germination energy
    • Similarity
    • Weight of 1000 seeds
        Lead time up to 14 days 350 UAH- stained 300 UAH- not etched

Seed cleanliness and care

    • Weight ratio of clean seeds to the total mass of the seed
    • Percent grain admixture
    • Quantification of weed seeds, seeds of cultivated plants of other species.
      Lead time up to 5 days 200 грн