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Plant analysis

Plant analysis

Plant analysis

The analysis of plants, or in the narrow sense of the leaf diagnosis, shows the actual current content of macro- and trace elements in the plant. Data on the concentration of nutrients in a particular culture can be used to identify and eliminate nutritional deficiencies, which in turn will provide a high level of yield.

Consequently, the main aspects of the analysis of plants:

  • Determining the levels of provision of elements according to the phase of cultural development
  • Prevent, Detect and Eliminate Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Monitoring of the level of provision of chemical elements in the growing process to produce the planned harvest

The phytopathological analysis of plant samples carried out in our laboratory allows operatively and at the earliest stages of development & nbsp; to identify a fungal pathogen that causes the disease of the plant. This, in turn, makes it possible to apply the most effective means of plant protection for the prevention and treatment of this disease.


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